Cars will protect each other.

CarsOn a wave of thefts and robberies of growth, in the parking lot near the house special communication system auto SVATS (Sensor network-based Vehicle Anti-Theft system – Sensory Network Car Alarm System) can’t be extra. All the parking spaces and the cars are equipped with special sensors. When the car pulls into its place, all the other cars in the parking lot getting a signal, “Hello, I’m here”, so all the parked cars know that their brother is in place and periodically check for the presence of each other in the field.

As soon as the owner wants to leave, the car sends a “goodbye” and leaves the place. If the car leaves its place without a farewell signal, the owner of the car receives the alarm bell to all cars parked nearby. Roll call of colleagues on the parking occurs every 4-9 seconds. The developers of this system say that false positives are impossible, because one sensor on the car is controlled by the other three sensors.