2013 Nissan Maxima – Sedan

I do not approach a severe cold outside Chicago by someone brings video audio my tips and tricks video. Was so popular I’m going to tips and tricks part 2. I’m sure some new tips and tricks I learned about the 2013 record.

Nissan Maxima - SedanOkay the first thing I show you something from the outside something we’ve had for a couple years for some people still don’t know about it. With the remote and your hand if you go ahead and press the unlock button once. If you present your whole that’s. Watch what happens all those windows go down and the sunroof open. This is really really nice and hot summer days unlike today lists all the hot air out of the car so your family can get into a cooled off car. Now let’s take a look at the inside a couple more things to show you what he now we’re in the car couple things over surely they touched on last episode but I really want to kind of get a little deeper into.

The late watch camera which is the camera and the side. Mayor. It does turn on when you turn your right turn signal on which of short of one other  videos but what you might not know is when you press the button at the end of this little stockier it keeps an articulate that real quick. You can keep that camera on while you’re  driving.

The reason why go through it is re actually have. 3 different videos. Check this out with a regular review and if you press this button which actually might be a button on the bottom . You can change that view to a top down view which actually shows you exactly. What’s behind you straight down from the top of the car. And we have a wide angle view. How shows you a little bit Mormon angle of what’s going on back there . The next thing I want to cover with you guys. Is something again of cover before. It’s the new fuel mileage. Score has 2 different screens for fuel mileage. Take a look at this report was show you this could be your current drive to assure you in some fuel. Current driver information.

Wheel you’re gonna switch this right over to. A previous drive you have 3 different previous drives you can really get a handle on what kind of mileage you’re getting in the car. The last thing I want to show you is  something that people have asked a lot about. It’s the green eco light because run the car around the speedometer here. Degree Nikolai goes on when you’re driving the most fuel efficient. What a lot of people don’t know it. Take a look over here you go into menu and again this might be different some different vehicles but it works the same cake. You go right down to settings. Pressman you. You going to vehicle settings.

Where it says meter set up. And again it’s a little different each car but what you’re looking for is fuel efficiency back quite.