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2006 Dodge Dakota SLT Review car

Or about a what if my second merger, and I went to a very pressure we’re gonna January 2016 and we got a new arrival – here that I wanted to kind of show yeah we got a 2006 Dodge Dakota SLT. This one ‘s in really nice shape if the crew capsule you get a bigger backdoor. I think I look down the side out one owner vehicle safety here service here seeking hero works nice and clean no action claims against it this was one owner vehicle well maintained just look at the tires tires in great shape almost like a brand new. I come around the back of his he’s got the running boards on it. He put the cap on it are he did just use it as a runabout vehicle we never towed anything with it and maybe a small utility.

2006 Dodge Dakota SLTUtility trailer every once in awhile but nice and clean. To come around to the back here one should be inside the box harm what he’s done is put down a nice rubber mat. If you lift up that Matt you see is no major scratches on the pain on the floor the bed which means in really good shape and he’s always maintain this vehicle anywhere he went. If we’re going to hear the vehicle you can see here that. The backseat look like they’ve really never inside and they have the pick good guy did ya go bowling with some of his friends and stuff like that by your performance in there we put we put them down later Luba storage underneath the seats. But super clean a look of the driver’s door here seen CF. The only real issue with the car little bit aware on the driver’s seat. You see down here from hidden and no other than that no major stains or anything on it inside this car this is a super super clean car. So anything good what you find is the V8 engine 4.7 liter V8 now this I this engine actually it’s better gas mileage in our V6, we were not just do the gear ratio that’s in the vehicle the action here this and has nothing is done is take the time to protect it with it with the rest protector this electrode that uses to keep the rest of the vehicle. More information Headlights for Dodge Dakota read at dakota.

Super great system so That’s a real nice realized feature. So folks that’s it that’s our 2006 Dodge Dakota SLT, too will drive for obviated gin and 98465 0 climbers on it so under 100000 climbers and were sown for $9000 this is a great great bargain so if you’re looking for a nice cheap truck so was gonna last year but years north we would sing a ton of money into this and be the one so my name’s crunch second merger here Tober closer.