Car lights

Why do we apply covers for lights?

covers for lightsProper change of headlight contours is not an easy procedure. The main difficulty is determining of the right balance of aesthetics and functionality. There is hardly a large number of people willing to stick to the headlights of the car a couple of tatty pieces of plastic, but enormous “curtains”, leaves the narrow slit instead headlights is not a solution either. In search of the golden mean is the work of designers of tuning shop.

Fortunately, for designers and their clients, the front optics virtually of any car has a decent resource space, which is quite possible to close the “cilia”, without affecting the quality of the headlights.

Strip of lights pleasantly pleased with their own, no one borrowed style. It can be explained by economic factors. Of the dozen standard parts of plastic “body kit” covers of the lights are considered the most popular and selling element. It is natural. The ratio of the effect and cost of “cilia” inevitably tilts toward their purchase of any car owner who cares about the look of the car. Demand is growing, and with it grows and offer is improved.