Honda CRV 2009. Replacing rear Shock Absorbers

Hi everyone odd this is a Honda CRV 2009 I just replaced the rear shocks. Since I couldn’t find any view hearing intimate about this year to be too so some 9 I did by myself I am not a mechanic but anyway I hope that. It would be helpful for you. So basically I took 4 bolts. The first one was this one is the actual Shock Absorbers. Bold so big one but you can do it with number 17 ranch.

shock absorbersThen I took this one also use a number 17. Then I took about part. With the number 14. I’m not Allen wrench. Finally. I took the inside bolt off of the. Of the shock absorbers UC. Also with a number 14. Just for avoiding. Suro. Problems I do connect the. Holds. Of the break. And the electrical cable of the a DS. When I was so when everything was disconnected. Do the whole assemble came out to the PC. And in our country disassembled or disconnect the Shock Absorbers from the springs you need to rant or if you have this tool is much better. But that is very important if you will have this tool Japan not to eat. So basically you put these 2 corporate source. In this spring’s and you press and feel very. Shock release. This is the old chalk.

You concede that has put it there are some marks Ostrom or you. That’s mean those leaking. Is leaking. The use. Whole thing is not working good. As you see I am holding the car with. That would. But I am holding the arm of the vehicle with that Jack. That is very important otherwise you can not reconnect. The parts together. So when you put together your. Good luck.