2014 Silverado Anzo Headlight issue

anzo headlights silveradoSo as you guys know I have minds of their lives for long time now. And I’m pretty sure when I first did danced on them I mentioned that are one of the lights didn’t have one of the turn signal bowls. Well I never noticed it until today which is banned freak in like a year 0.5 That The ball had fallen off of the light and it was inside of the light itself. Here’s the bald. I notice is because my arm flashbacks were having trouble. The bottom line wasn’t turning on. As turn signal and the top was interning as daytime running lights. Or whatever the money like. Which is the white color. So I went and I look back here and then I applaud this bottom one in daily de the flash but wasn’t ender and also what the hell.

Then the flashback and fallen inside. So I looked on the top one and the freaking ball was in there fallen inside of the light itself. Tried to move the headlight and tilted around and poking into the both came out anzo headlights Silverado. So I’m gonna go with the dis connections are pretty faulty. So. I’m just gonna are. Tape it or something so the balls won’t fall out. So I wanna have issues again. And what I did a lot some I remove my headlights. I sought my connections. Because I was having issues. So I thought of them in there so I don’t have any ponds anymore just that one problem that this one had fallen now. But now that I know that’s the problem. It’s gonna tape it up or something with. Some strong Tay maybe duct tape or something. So That’s the That’s a negative. One negative thing about those are the as I headlights. What On what kind of connection they use could be just a weak connection or it could be just the. The balls are not in there or it could be that I just go there too many friggin bumps.