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FORD MUSTANGLegendary car Ford Mustang has appeared in the lineup of the American manufacturer in 1964 in two body styles: a two-door convertible and sedan (coupe). Two years later the company sold 1 million copies of the car. Manufacturers offer ample opportunities for individualization of the car. For example, only one could be the Mustang’s interior is decorated in one of 34 options. A year after the beginning of production various Mustang sports modification began to emerge. Capital Car modernization was carried out in 1969.

The car put on size and weight, as well as received a new modification. The second generation of Mustang debuted in 1974. Auto became smaller but retained all kinds of bodies. In 1978 at the Geneva Motor Show the third generation of the car was presented. After this, model is constantly updated, with new options for body and engines.

In 1993, Mustang IV went on the market, which has been stylized as the first model. On the 40th anniversary of the brand’s history, the company released the Mustang GT-R, equipped with a 440-hp aluminum engine V8 and 2003 Ford Mustang headlights. Completely new generation of sports car was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show2005.